The World Was My Oyster But I Didn’t Know How to Cook

My first book, a collection of essays and short stories, was published in early 2013. It received the Princeton Literary Review’s Gold Standard for Literary Excellence, and was hailed by acclaimed author P.F. Kluge (“Dog Day Afternoon,” “Eddie and the Cruisers”) as “A lively mix of words… and life.” The book includes humorous and thought-provoking essays on New York (where I live), Kansas (where I’m from), childhood, books, infertility, good days, bad days, and life in general, as well as interviews I’ve done with well-known writers like Janet Evanovich and Lois Lowry. There are also a couple of short stories tossed in, just for a little variety. If you like Elizabeth Gilbert and David Sedaris, you’ll like this book.

The World Was My Oyster


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