Christy Writes: I Am Your Friend

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Christy Writes: I Am Your Friend

Take my hand.
I am your friend.

I don’t judge you, I won’t persecute you,
I will never harass you,
And above all,
I do not hate you.
Hate is a ridiculous emotion,
a hiding place for the weak-minded,
born out of nothing but ego.

Along the way I was handed the label
of “White Middle Class American”
but I don’t wear it. I threw it away years ago.
I am a soul, a spirit,
a creative flame, a human being.

I have come to realize
how sheltered my life has been,
how much of the world lives
beyond the borders
of my safe, Sunday morning existence.

At school they showed me
the lines on the map.
This is where you live, right here,
so that’s who you are.
Here’s a little flag to wave. Be a good girl.

But why should the lines on the map
dictate who I am?
An accident of fate put me where I am.
An accident of faith woke me up
to the realization that none of it matters.

Take my hand.
I am your friend.

I am a Christian. I am a pastor.
And if the church has hurt you,
please feel my apology,
in your soul, where it hurts most.

Take my hand.
I am your friend.

The world is becoming increasingly smaller
and the knowledge that we are all one
is pressing in on us more every day.
For some, that knowledge draws a line in the sand.

Us versus them.
You versus me.
Us versus us.
Where does it stop?
How can it stop, if we won’t stop it?

Rub out the line in the sand,
the lines on the map,
the front lines, the soup lines,
the grooved lines on roads we have traveled
too many times.

Take my hand.

I am your friend.


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