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The amazing ladies over the Reading Between the Wines Book Club are hosting a guest post from me today. Pop over for a visit as we talk about finding your writing voice and how my transition from journalist to author impacted my writing style. They are also giving away one copy of each of my books! Below is an excerpt of the guest post. (To read the rest and enter the giveaway, click their name above, or visit

“For someone who has spent nearly all of her life calling herself a writer and 25 years getting paid to put words on paper, it seems a little late in the game to say I am finally beginning to understand the craft of writing.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happened to me in the two years since I shifted my writing career from full-time journalist to author. I don’t mean, of course, that I wasn’t a good writer before. I won awards for my news coverage and weekly column. I loved my job and I got such a rush from seeing people reading something I’d written in the evening paper.

But as a journalist, words weren’t writing as much as they were column inches, a byline, a paycheck. For a reporter, words are also a minefield. My opinion, any hint of bias, even the slightest slant could land me in court. Flowery, overly descriptive writing would earn the scorn of my fellow reporters, if it even made it past my editor. And forget about time to get creative if I wanted to – deadlines were always looming.

With that background, I think you’ll have a pretty good understanding of why, on my first day as a full-time author, I just sat and stared at the blank screen. I could write anything I wanted, I could sprawl my rosy prose across pages and hours and days if I wanted to. I could create characters and dialogue, I could tell my readers exactly what I thought. The shackles were off! Creative freedom was mine!

I was terrified…”

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