Nancy Fuller keeps it real on Food Network’s newest show, “Farmhouse Rules”

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If you’ve ever realized that watching chef after chef create aiolis and ceviches and gastriques makes for entertaining television but isn’t particularly relevant to what you do at home in your non-professional kitchen, you’re going to love Nancy Fuller.

Star of the new Food Network show, “Farmhouse Rules,” Nancy is as nice, as down-to-earth as they come. She’s a mother of six and a grandmother of 13, a farmer, and self-proclaimed “big girl” who likes to cook and likes to eat. I spoke to Nancy last week on the phone from her farm in Hudson Valley, New York, and she told me about her new show, her family, and her life. She and her husband own Ginsberg’s Foods, an award-winning, multi-million dollar business. Now, on top of that, she’s got her new show. Yet when I asked Nancy to tell me about herself, her immediate response was, “I’m a dairy farmer.”

Now that’s what I call keeping it real.

“I grew up on a dairy farm, I raised my kids on a dairy farm,” Nancy said. “I’m now the executive vice president of a big company, but my farming foundation gives me the impetus and the strength to do all that I do.”

And she does plenty. Between farming, helping to run Ginsberg’s Foods, taking care of her family, and now filming “Farmhouse Rules,” life is keeping Nancy hopping. But don’t expect fame to change her.

“I’m an old, fat lady with her principles about her,” Nancy joked. “We may live on a farm, but I expect people to put their napkins on their laps.”

Something else that’s important to Nancy: making sure people understand what “farm to table” really means.

“We dig potatoes, we wash them, we put them in water to cook,” she explained. “You’d be surprised how many people don’t think about the fact that potatoes come from the ground, not the grocery store. Some people really think that red potatoes are little potatoes that are dyed. I had someone tell me once that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.”

Her show takes viewers through the process from picking to cooking, as Nancy gathers local food from her own farm and the surrounding area, then turns it into down-home comfort food for her family. On one episode, for instance, they visit a peach orchard and pick peaches that they take home and make into a cobbler.

“It’s a little bit of reality TV, a little bit of cooking, we set a pretty table,” Nancy said. “It’s letting people see that they can do it, because I’m doing it. I’m not just standing there and preaching.”

She calls her simple cooking method “chop, chop, in the pot.”

“We’ve had a lot of the whole fancy, formal food preparation, and I want to get away from that for the masses, so they can chop, chop, in the pot and be done with it,” she said. “It’s good. It’s real. It’s still a stew, but done with a simplicity that anyone can do.”

Busy parents in particular will appreciate Nancy’s style, as she juggles family responsibilities, the farm, and the couple’s business. But she makes it all work, and does it with a smile.

“I kind of take things in stride,” she said. “Whatever I’m doing, I just do it. I get it done. I think that comes with age. I’m 64 and I’ve worked like a dog. I don’t feel like I owe anyone any apologies for being who I am. I’m very confident and very happy. When you’re that kind of person, you’re blessed.”

As for her show, which premiered this past weekend, Nancy said it’s not only about simple cooking and farm-fresh food, it’s about giving back – both by showcasing the abundance the Hudson Valley has to offer and by helping people see how simple it really can be to spend quality time with their families.

“It’s about giving back, helping people, getting good food into them, and gathering around the table with your family,” Nancy explained. “I think that’s important. If you can’t do it every night, do it at least a couple of nights per week. When my kids were younger, it was every Sunday. Step back, look at your children, and you’ll see how important it is. Take away the technology for an hour. It’s not a lot to ask. I’m hoping that people will see that on my show, and get to know me and understand what I’m doing. I think it’s going to be a success because it’s meant to be.”

“Farmhouse Rules” airs Sundays at 11:30 a.m. (EST) on Food Network.

Note from Christy: I appreciate all the comments and feedback on this article, but I need to point out that I interviewed Nancy in my capacity as a journalist  – I don’t have regular contact with her. Some of you have asked me for Nancy’s recipes, and while at first I tried to help by searching the Food Network’s site for you, I’m now getting bombarded with requests for her recipes and I just cannot keep up. Sorry! If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Food Network’s site, I’d suggest you contact them. On the plus side, that way they know how much everyone loves Farmhouse Rules, and that can only be a good thing for Nancy!


Photo courtesy of Food Network

Nancy Fuller, star of “Farmhouse Rules”
Photo courtesy of Food Network


  1. I’m also from upstate n.y. I’ve lived in texas for 12 years now. I would luv that recipe for bread pudding in muffin tins with whiskey sauce! Copied recipe for the chili but didn’t get that!! Your the greatest and u miss my Yankees!!!

  2. Hi Cindy! Here’s the link to that recipe – it does look amazing!

  3. Shane she is only on once a week, should be on daily?

  4. I love this new show. I m a self proclaimed big girl also. I am making Nancy’s carrot cake she made on her Romance at 2000 feet show. It looked great and had all the ingredients I love in a carrot cake. This will be my first carrot cake ever! I just retired Friday and wish nancy was on every night.

  5. What happened to the show FARMHOUSE RULES?
    That show is great///


  6. I love your show Nancy and I have been looking for you! Its so unique and homey, I was also raised a farm girl in a very small town in Texas. And this really hits home! love your show!

  7. I am really enjoying FARMHOUSE RULES. Nancy is really good and confident in what she does and it shows. I am looking forward to more hours with Nancy!

  8. I just saw your show once and loved it. Now I looked for the next time and looks like once a week or twice. You need to be on everyday. Your so natural and real to life person like so many of us. I really hope you will be on more often. Your receipes are great and I just love your scenery and kitchen and everything!!

  9. About (3)Saturdays ago, Nancy Fuller (Farmhouse Rules) made a recipe that was similar to a quiche and included spinach, cheese and other ingredients. I have been unable to locate the recipe on line and would like to have it.

    Thank you.

  10. I love “Farmhouse Rules” and am really interested in Nancy’s Grammy Tabor because I have Tabors in my line and some interesting stories including a Revolutionary War saga,…

  11. I LOVE Nancy Fuller & would LOVE to see a cookbook published.

  12. I need the recipes of the two meat chili and scallion cornbread aired on Saturday Sept. 20th I have not been able to pull it up on food network. Can you send it to me?????

  13. Hi everyone, I interviewed Nancy in my capacity as a food writer, but I don’t have regular contact with her and have no direct connections to Food Network. Some of you have asked me for Nancy’s recipes, and while I’ve tried to help by searching the Food Network’s site for you, I’m getting bombarded with requests for her recipes and just cannot keep up. Sorry! If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Food Network’s site, I’d suggest you contact them. On the plus side, that way they know how much everyone loves Farmhouse Rules, and that can only be a good thing for Nancy!


  14. Love your show Nancy look forward to it every Saturday you inspire me
    Thank you

  15. I just love your show! I to love to cook! I wish I had a beehive oven! Do you have a cookbook? Thank you! Sherri

  16. My name is Joan and the show you are in with cornbread and chili you had a desert with figs in something as I have a fig tree and would in joying fixing it as I am a diabetic and can not enjoy some deserts like I would like to Thank you Joan if you can help me out

  17. Nancy, I love your so much & have NEVER missed an episode! I even watch the reruns. I pray your television run lasts for a VERY LONG time! Thanks for making my days happy when I watch you. With love. xoxo

  18. Your show Nancy is great, love watching it. Wish it was on more.

  19. Everything is so,fantastic on the show…when will we see a cookbook? Thanks so much…can’t wait!

  20. When Nancy did her outdoor appreciation lunch for,her friends, she had a gal,who,did pottery..who was she and can u buy her pottery? Where and how?

  21. Saw Farmhouse Rules show for the first time tonight. Her trek to the Drive-In theater was great. A lot of us can remember those days–OMG!!!! My hubby, then boyfriend, always looked forward to it all. He passed away 4 years ago, but we had the best life, beginning with those good old days of course!. Thank you, Regards, Toni will be watching for more

  22. I think the food network was trying to replace Paula Deen when they brought in Nancy Fuller!!!!! She resembles Paula and try’s to act like her also. She maybe a nice person but the food network will never replace the fine lady called Paula Deen’!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Love this show need this show I love this show!!!! Where is it?

  24. Love your show Nancy. oouple three weeks ago you let us know about a simple dip that I didn’t have time to copy. It seems it contained sour cream, lemon juice and lots of cracked black pepper. You claimed it was from your Grannies’ collection. My mouth has been watering ever since. I would love to try it if you could be so kind. If you can’t manage, I’ll still keep watching your program. You are great. Joan

  25. Hey GiGi;

    Please let us know when Your Cookbook comes out, and We will make it a BestSeller!

    Let us know how we can get it signed too please. It would mean so much to us!

    All the Best!

  26. I love Farmhouse Rules not only because of the motto about keeping it simple with fresh ingredients but because she can show all those southern cooks that the northern foods have what it takes to make things yummy too.

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