Christy Potter - Essay Writer

As a writer, Christy Potter has a long and diverse list of publications under her belt. In her works she has covered everything from fiction to interviews, infertility to essays on Kansas and New York, and everything in between. As such, her writing has been read by readers all around the US, and beyond.

Early Life And Career

Christy was born in Kansas and started her career there, but moved to New York to further her career over 20 years ago. As such, she describes herself as a displaced hayseed, and has a lot of love for both of her homes.

She started out when she was just six years old, creating a book called 'The Pig Who Hated Mud' with her best crayons. Christy didn't stop there, and as an adult she began a career in journalism that would last for 23 years. She covered local and state governments in her work, and interviewed key figures such as Tony Randall and Bobby Deen. She also traveled to other countries, including Mexico and the United Kingdom, and the impressions she got through those travels show up in her work.

In fact her work was so well received that she won multiple awards for it, such as awards from the Kansas Press Association, Kansas Press Women, and the New Jersey Press Association.

Christy in Academic Writing

Christy Potter wasn't just working in journalism at this time though. She was busy spreading her roots into different forms of writing, so you can see her influence in a lot of different genres. For example, she's worked as an academic writer creating research papers and being an essay writer, as well as writing personal essays and fiction too.

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Christy's Books And Novels

These works culminated in the release of her first book, 'The World Was My Oyster But I Didn't Know How To Cook.' Released in March 2015, the book is a compilation of a lot of Christy's work. In it, you'll see her impressions of both Kansas and New York, as well as interviews with well known writers like Janet Evanovich and Lois Lowry. You'll also find plenty of her own personal musings too, on a whole range of topics. If you want to get a feel for what Christy is like as a writer, this is the book that you want to start with.

After the publication of her first book, she quickly got to work on getting her debut novel out, too. 'Oh Brother' was released in September 2013, and is a fictional tale that's based on a true story. It follows protagonist Ariel Carson, who goes through a lot just in the beginning of the story. First her mother abandons the family when she's six, then Ariel drops out of college, marries and divorces someone, and then ends up marrying his brother. However, her ex then loses his job and has to move in with the couple, and there's more surprises in store for her.

This book has all kinds of twists and turns, and was a highly regarded first novel for Christy. As such, she began work on her next novel, 'The Bacchae: A Myth Retold'. On her website, she details how the story is a reworking of the Greek myth of Dionysus, who was born to Zeus and a mortal woman named Semele. The inspiration was taken from the play 'The Bacchae' by Euripides.

In this story, Dionysus is Dax, who's the son of a high flying newspaper publisher and his star reporter. It follows him throughout his life, so you see who he is as a child before he grows up and becomes the problematic being you'll already know, if you know your Greek mythology.

Current Projects

Right now, Christy is working on new creative projects that have taken her away from novel writing and paper writing temporarily. She's actually studying for her Master of Divinity degree at university, attending seminary, and studying to be ordained in the Presbyterian church.

As well as this, Christy has started her own podcast, named 'Going Gray'. The podcast covers the life of someone who's approaching middle age but still striving to become a writer. It's become a must listen for show for anyone who feels as though want to achieve their dreams, but thinks they're becoming too old to do so. As Christy shows, there's no age limit on being the person you want to be.

Christy Now

While Christy isn't actively writing right now, on her website she points out she's still a writer and always will be. She also says that once she's completed her studies, who knows what she may do next?

Right now, Christy has moved to Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, which is a good midpoint, she finds, between New York City and Philadelphia. She lives with her husband, glass artist Guy Kass, and her two cats.

In her free time she likes to go running and is a keen sculptor. Christy has a keen eye for thrift store bargains, and has long been an environmentalist. She also has a fondness for beer of an evening.

As a writer, Christy Potter has had a long and varied career, and there's no sign of her slowing down now. She's turned her hand to all kinds of writing styles, whether they were in academic writing, novel writing, or journalism. As such, she will be sure to be writing more fascinating pieces in the future.